Strictly International Ministry

Daycare nursery in Evaton, South Africa


Strictly International Ministry was started in 2010, with the understanding of the command in the bible to go forth and preach the gospel to all nations Matt. 16:15 Also in helping those who are less fortunate than we Matt.5: 15-16. We are to do good works so that God may get the glory! Matt.25: 40

We have partnered with two ministries in Africa. The first is Christian Revival Ministry in Evaton, South Africa where Pastor Josiah Motloung is the pastor and the second is Macedonia Church in Lusaka Zambia where Pastor Justine Gondwe is the pastor.

In August 2015 I went on a first time mission trip to Zambia and South Africa to fellowship and see where we could help the most.

In South Africa we support their food program an Lake Side Orphanage. There are 16 children at Lake Side. They had an fire there a few years ago and are still recovering. They are in need of many every day necessities!  Like beds, a dining table and chairs. The bathroom needs repairing also clothing and food. We have help purchased a few bunk beds. 

In Zambia we support a school "Firm Foundation Christian Academy" run by the wife of Pastor Gondwe, Sister Vailin Gondwe. School grades are preschool to 7th grade. Also help with their church Macedonia Center.

The school is in need of school books (their books are outdated torn and have missing pages). Black boards a printer, mattresses for toddlers nap time, tables and chairs and so much more!

While in Zambia I visited one of the churches in the bush that has been planted by Pas. Gondwe, where they are in dire need of clean water. So Strictly International Ministry and Strictly church members have been raising donations to install a well in Mungulu in the Nkonkwa village where Pastor Biemba is the pastor. As we all know water is life and will help the people go forth and progress. It will help to keep down sickness so that the children will be able to attend school regularly. 


Patricia Trotman aka Mama Ama



I am Patricia, founder of S.I.M. "Strictly International Ministry I have been a member of Strictly Biblical Bible Teaching Ministry for 17 years. I have always had a heart for Africa and wanted to do something to help where ever I could. I got my chance when  Pastor Josiah Motloung of Christian Revival Ministry visited our church from Evaton South Africa in 2010. Our Pastor Emery Moss was then invited to visit South Africa. From that union, a connection was made and S.I.M. was born.

Pas. Emery Moss Jr & Sis. Mary Moss
Presiding Pastor & First Lady of
Strictly Biblical Bible Teaching Church

This is my wonderful pastor and teacher, Pastor Emery Moss, Jr. and his beautiful wife Mary. He has served as a pastor for over 40 years, and was ordained and licensed as a Baptist Minister at the age of 19, Pastor Moss served as Senior Pastor of a Full Gospel congregation for 2 ½ years.He and his wife Mary were led by the Lord to start a Christian Center that would minister to children and adults. In 1997, Pastor and Sister Moss were then led to start Strictly Biblical Bible Teaching Ministries of Detroit, Michigan, where he now serves as Senior Pastor.

Pastor Moss stood behind me wholeheartedly when I wanted to start Strictly International Ministry!

Sis. & Team member
Rosalind Malone

This is Sister Rosalind Malone one of the faithful members of S.I.M. She serves at Strictly on the dance ministry, usher board, and many other ministries. She is a real workhorse when it comes to serving the Lord. Wife of a mild-mannered and humble MOG and mother of 3 beautiful children.

More S.I.M. supporters

This is the Lewis Family. Brother Lorrance and Sister Monique and family are part of the S.I.M. team. Lorrance is part of the Sound and Technical Ministry also. His wife Monique is a stay at home mom who along with helping us when we do food fundraisers (her Turkey Chili is always on demand) also home schools their 3 children. Beautiful family and a great asset to the S.I.M. ministry.